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What swimming level does my child need to be?

The Woodlands Marlins Swim Team invites all swimmers to participate on our team as long as they are water safe.  For our youngest swimmers starting at 4 years old, we have a beginner and an intermediate group. Our rule of thumb is if your child has basic knowledge of freestyle and can make it down one length of the pool, we can help them the rest of the way.  We have instructors in the water to help the kids learn new strokes and improve their technique. 

If your child cannot swim unassisted cross the pool by our first practice meet (Marlins Mania) in May, we suggest that they start with swim lessons before they join the team. We will refund your registration fee if that's the case. And we hope to see you again next season! 

Over the years, our parents have been happy with the progress of their children with the time our coaches spend with the swimmers. We are a small but mighty team, and that gives our coaches more time with our swimmers. 

Where do the Marlins practice?

The Woodlands Marlins Swim Team practices at the beautiful, state-of-the-art CISD Natatorium. This is a high-tech indoor facility that maximizes the benefits of practice and minimizes the impact of the unpredictable weather in our area. 

As you well know, Texas summers are hot. We are lucky to have an amazing, air conditioned facility for our practices and home meets. That means less dehydrated, sunburned kids and our parents don't melt!  

The Natatorium, or the Nat as we call it, is located at 19133 David Memorial Dr, Shenandoah, TX 77385

How often should my child attend practice?

Swim practice schedules vary by age group and weekday.  Practices are offered three days a week for each age group.  We recommend that swimmers come to two or three practices each week.  

We understand that you may have other team commitments and summer vacations. We are supportive of our swimmers who are well-rounded athletes who have a variety of interests. 

For a complete practice schedule by age group, visit the practice schedule page.

 Do I need to register my swimmer for each meet?

Yes, you are required to register your swimmer for all meets in which your swimmer intends to participate. Be advised, you must swim at least two (2) dual meets to be able to swim in the Divisional meet. 

Please note that the team's Board WILL NOT call/e-mail you to see if you have forgotten to enter a meet. We suggest that check your calendar and enter all of the meets at the beginning of the season. Swim meets give our swimmers the opportunity to put their skills to the test. Therefore, the Coaches encourage all swimmers to participate in meets. 

How many events can a swimmer enter at each meet?

Each swimmer may swim up to a maximum of five (5) events: three (3) individual events and two (2) relay events.  The relay team are selected by the coaches.

What is “Marlins Mania”?

After a few weeks of swim practices, Marlin Mania is our pre-season “intra-team” practice meet, at which all team members will swim each of their competition events for a time. This sets a swimmer’s base time to gauge improvement, and establishes seed times (a pre-requisite for competing) in future meets. Additionally, even though the races are only against our own team, it gives the swimmers and parent volunteers a practice run through for an actual meet, so everyone knows what to expect during the upcoming meets.

Marlins Mania is also intended to be an event where your swimmer establishes seed times for the various events they will swim during the season. A swimmer must have a seed time in a particular event to participate in that event in a dual meet. Seed times from previous years or other leagues cannot be used.

What should we bring to a swim meet?

An extra pair of back-up goggles and swim cap, money for concessions, a cooler filled with water bottles and juice, fresh fruit and healthy snacks. For outside (away) meets, you'll likely want chairs, blankets and sunscreen. The swimmers are encouraged to sit in the shade, stay hydrated and conserve their energy between events while outside.

Besides the races, our swimmers love downtime between races. Our parents and coaches encourage them to enjoy their time between races with games, coloring books, cards, crafts, and much more. This is what makes summer league the most fun! 

Note: For home meets at the Natatorium, the swimmers sit on the deck of the pool, still with their age groups. For away events, shade canopies/tents will be set up for swimmers and parents, but some parents may choose to bring their own shade tent.

Where are the meets held?

Home meets are held at the Conroe ISD Natatorium19133 David Memorial Dr, Shenandoah, TX 77385. Address for away meets will be available on our team web site.

What is a Medley Relay?

The Medley Relay is comprised of four swimmers, each swimming a different stroke, in the following order: Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly, and Freestyle.

What is the Individual Medley (IM)?

In the Individual Medley, a swimmer swims four lengths - one of each stroke - in the following order: Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke, and Freestyle.

How do I know which events my child will be swimming in at the meet?

The meet entries for the current week will be available on this website by Thursday evening the week of the meet.

"Heat sheets" will be mailed out the day before each meet. They show the order of the day’s events, the event numbers, swimmers’ names, seed times, etc.

Because swimmers drop out the morning of the event for unforeseen reasons, the heat sheets will change the morning of the meet. We'll do our best to email an updated version out ASAP that morning. 

How are points scored at the meet?

  • Individual Events: 7-5-4-3-2-1 (1st through 6th place respectively)
  • Relays: 7-3 (A team may only score relay points for one place. If one team wins both 1st and 2nd place then only 1st place (7 points) shall be awarded)


  • Individual Events: 14-12-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 (1st through 12th place respectively)
  • 5 Team Divisional Relays: 14-10-7-5-3 (1st through 5th place respectively)
  • 6 Team Divisional Relays: 14-10-7-5-3-1 (1st through 6th place respectively)

For other meets, NWAL rules apply. See the website at www.nwal.org.

What distance will my swimmer swim in each event?

Lengths of course by age group are as follows:


Age Group(s)



6 & under, 8 & Under

Free, Back



Free Relay

100 (25 each swimmer)

8 & Under

Breast, Fly



Medley Relay

100 (25 each swimmer) 

9 & 10

Free, Back, Breast, Fly



Medley Relay, Free Relay

100 (25 each swimmer) 

10 & Under




Individual Medley


11 & 12, 13 & 14, 15 to 18

Free, Back, Breast, Fly



Medley Relay, Free Relay

200 (50 each swimmer) 


Individual Medley





1) Some pools we may swim at may be 25 meter pools and some are 25 yards. As a meter is longer than a yard, a conversion factor must be used to convert times from yard pools to meter pools. To convert yard times to meter times, multiple the yard time by 1.11. To convert meter times to yard times, divide the meter time by 1.11.
2) Heat sheet times should match the pool (using yard times for yard pools and meter times for meter pools). Do not be alarmed if you swimmer has a slightly higher time for meter pools - it is to be expected.
3) The coaches will be advising the swimmers during practice if they will be swimming in a meter pool. It is very common for swimmers to start “easing up” at the 25 yard point. Remind your swimmer to swim hard - ALL THE WAY TO THE WALL!!!

4) Relays are swum by 4 swimmers.  100 yard relays are swum by 4 swimmers - 25 yards each.  200 yard relays are swum by 4 swimmers - 50 yards each.

What is the order of events at a meet?

1st - 100 Freestyle
2nd -  6 & U Free Relay
3rd -  Medley Relay
4th -  Freestyle
5th -  Breast

6th -  6 & U Back

7th -  Individual Medley

8th -  Back

9th -  Butterfly

10th -  Freestyle Relay

Note: Boys swim first for all events. 

equipment does my swimmer need?

For practices 

Swimmers need a practice suit, swim cap, goggles, and a towel. Additionally, if swimmers have swim fins and kickboards, they are encouraged to bring them to practice. These are not required to purchase. The team will provide a limited amount kickboards for use during practice on a first-come-first-served basis.

For meets
Swimmers should wear the official green and black team suit. They are optional, but recommended. Find out more about our team suits here

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